Who I am and What I do.

CELL: (518) 926-0894

For many years I have built and maintained a number of websites. I started in highschool as a school project, building a personal website that I still have today. Shortly after school I began building sites for friends and local business in trade for services, and enjoyed building them. Recently I have decided that I like it better than a normal 9-5 job and thought I should venture out and build them for others.

A company I worked for went through the process of rebuilding their website and using a "professional" company to maintain it. Watching them I realized how expensive it was for them, and how long that "pro" company took to make basic updates. Sometimes saying that there wasn't enough update info for them to do, and waiting until they have more content that needed to be changed and doing it all at once. I didn't agree with this at all.

I use pre-built templates, and have many to chose from. These templates are basic frame works of what the website needs, then I mold the content to the owners needs. This allows me to charge extremely low prices in comparison to the larger companys. Once the site is built, you own it, all of it. If desired, I will continue to maintain the site at a bare minimum of cost. We can work together to come up with a price that suits your budget. For some sites, I can build it, and maintain it for a year, for less than a weeks wages.

Graphic Design / Maintenance Pricing

My standard rate is $30.00/hour for either Graphic Design or site maintenance.
The Bill can fall into a standard hour rate or fall into a tiered rate, depending on which is less.

$50 - 1 Month - up to 4 hours of updates/designs
$100 - 1 Month - up to 10 hours of updates/designs

Any update can include anything written, as well as any images that do not need to be edited. Resizing I do not consider an edit. Photo-retouching will fall into an edit.

Graphic Design work:
Photos / Fliers / Banners / Logos / Pamphlets / Business Cards / Etc.

All will fall under the standard pricing listed above, if you chose to have me print the graphics for you I will find the best price possible, but all prices are subject to change. Pamphlets or Graphics to be folded and enveloped may cause a delay in recieving time due to the added steps.

Always call or text the number in my contact info and ask any questions. I am willing to work with you if needed.

If you are a not-for-profit charity, contact me and let me know.

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Some of my work

Pricing. USD

Minimum setup $50.00

Includes a pre-built template tailered to your business/liking.
Average time spent: around 4-6 hours.

Large Setup - $125.00

Includes template tailored to your liking, plus some graphic work. IE: edit/create a banner or logo.
Average time spent: 8-16


Once the page is built, We can decide on a maintenance plan if desired. I use FTP upload and typically have a basic edit done within 24 hours. Graphic design work can take longer.
I bundle edits into month lots. I do the edits as they come in, and send out a bill at the end of the month that corresponds with the cheapest bundle you fall into.